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About chukwudi adepoju

Chukwudi has books, blogs, and more books, inside him that are yet unwritten. 500 years after he has left this earth, his books will still be read, his words will still be inspiring people. For now, he's an IT Consultant; he has worked mostly in Africa, and he really enjoys traveling. A francophile, he loves reading biographies and memoirs. He lives in Newcastle upon Tyne with his beautiful wife and their three lovely kids.

Words Are All I Have !

The storms are all I see around
The master’s in but sleeping sound
Our rowing skills are of no help
And I see, words are all I have

How I hate a watery grave
But I’m helpless in this stormy place
Tempestuous sea, where there’s no land
In despair, and words are all I have

With words, I’ve shouted at the crew
With more words, I’ve cursed the devil
Finally I run to wake the Lord
And He knows, words are all I have

“Peace, be still” were his own words
And they went forth, two-edged swords
He shocked me, calmed me, and made me see
That faith-words indeed, are all I need.

© Chukwudi Adepoju. 23rd August 2013.